Thursday, November 24, 2011

All done!

Just got home from my biopsy, everything went fine. The radiologist numbed me up, then took the samples with a nifty little tool that looked like an ear-piercing gun with a screwdriver bit on the end, attached to a vacuum. It sounds worse than it was, haha. It wasn't painless, per se, but it wasn't terrible. He said that it really just looked like fat necrosis in his opinion, but that the results should be available from pathology within the next few weeks.

Afterwards, my sister and I were shopping when she got a call to tell us some awesome news! Our cousin Nathalie and her husband Shawn found out the sex of their baby who is due to arrive in April! I don't want to be the one to spill the beans, so I won't mention it until everyone knows, but I am so excited for them! I adore babies, especially teeny tiny ones, so I can't wait to meet him/her! Congrats you guys!

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