Thursday, August 4, 2011


Happy Thursday all,

Today, Mom and I took the boys to Storyland. I remember my own mom and grandmother taking my sister and I when we were young. And it really hasn't changed much. 

The lookout is still my favorite spot. 

Maybe it's a boy thing, maybe it's poor parenting, but they ran and yelled like maniacs from one exhibit to the next. Everything was full-speed, full-volume. I gave up worrying about what other families were thinking halfway through. Perhaps my memory is selective, but I don't think my sister and I were quite so thunderous. The walk was great, aside from when my mom saw a snake, screamed, and became frozen in place for about a full minute after the snake was gone. 

Mom the snake charmer packed the lunch, it was pretty killer. She even had placemats for God's sake. The boys finished off the visit playing on the waterslide until William almost broke his brother's nose whilst sliding down the water slide. Again, something my sister and I never did.... but I digress. 

Sadly, I think this may be our last visit, the park has seen better days and unfortunately I just didn't feel like some of the play structures were very safe: broken springs, lots of rust, just run-down. We really enjoyed our day but I think we'll try someplace new next year.

Lots of hungry baby goats.
Hanging by the shroom.

Mom and the boys 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Weigh-in

Stayed the same this week. Boo.