Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skating & Sugar Bushing

Yesterday was the daycare's annual skating and sugar bush day. The weather was amazing! I remember when we took William to his last one and he could barely skate! What a tough day on the back! This year, Tom has been playing hockey since September, and could skate around like a pro. So much easier!

So proud that he was one of only a few kids who could skate easily

T and his buddy B
After skating their little bums off, we went on to the Sugar Bush. We had an amazing buffet, one of the dads even played accordion and guitar while the kids were all eating. Afterward, we all went outside to explore and eat taffee on the snow....hmmmmm.....

It makes me so sad to think that our time with the daycare is almost over. They've been so amazing with the  kids, and understanding with everything that's gone on over the last (almost) 4 years.

Sunday, March 27, 2011